About Us

     NEW PATIENT DISCLAIMER: Currently only accepting patients in the following areas:

- FL Medical MMJ Evaluations
YES - Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (Sublingual medication from home)
YES - SuBx / Opi.oid Dependencies (medication assisted treatment)
YES - Holistic Therapies (Colonics, Healing Touch)
NO - Holistic Primary Care / Integrative Consults

(Note: Patients coming for MMJ or SuBx may receive limited holistic counseling)

Dr. Joan Baijnath’s practice in Palm Beach Gardens represents the flagship office for eMDe Cares.  At the core of our model is a belief that patients want ‘quality of life’ medical care (versus sick care) and closer connections to their healthcare providers.  eMDe Cares has assembled a team of doctors and therapists with a shared vision for improving health & wellness outcomes through a combination of conventional and alternative medical practices.

As a Board Certified Internist and Integrative Medicine specialist, Dr. Baijnath and her highly credentialed team offer patients an experience built less on traditional prescriptions & procedures and more on personalized care that promotes well-being ‘from the inside out’.  As one saying goes, eMDe Cares “treats the patient, not the disease”.

Dr. Baijnath offers specialty care in the fields of Integrative Medicine, Florida Medical MMJ Evaluations, Sublingual Ketamine Treatment from Home, and Opi.oid Adddiction / Medication Assisted Treatment (via SuBx).  Her team of highly experienced therapists specialize in a wide range of services including colon hydrotherapy, Healing Touch, and acupuncture.

For more information about SuBx Treatment, please visit our sister website here.

Insurance: Our office is not accepting insurance at this time, with the one exception of Medicare for addiction treatment. Even though not accepting insurance, we can provide patients a super-bill which they can submit to their insurance for reimbursement.  All services at our clinic are now self-pay.